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 CFBrie Live Diesel

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Location : Brie

PostSubject: CFBrie Live Diesel   Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:14 pm

Started the plan for a live one.

Here the first template of the diesel and some of the parts.
I don't know yet witch material I will use for the body, so I use carboard to test some shapes.

The body :

Some of the equipement have already their designated place :

I have the engine, the generator, the bridge rectifier (a bit big, but It looks nice on top on the roof) and a salvage ventilator, might have to find another one as it's a 24v.

This picture show the starter of the engine, it works well for RC car, should do fine on a live diesel. It's not yet installed on the engine, I have to remove the recoil pull starter.

Now, I will work on the circuitry of the whole things and the exhaust pipe ( I need a good silencer, got neighbours ).
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Location : Deep in the Heart of Texas (Houston)

PostSubject: Re: CFBrie Live Diesel   Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:05 pm

Looks like you've gotten off to a good start. Plan your work then work your plan.

I assume the color of the finished model has been decided already. cheers

Bill Wray

"It is one of the happiest characteristics
of this glorious country that official utterances are invariably
regarded as unanswerable."
-Sir Joseph Porter, First Lord of the Admiralty (HMS Pinafore)
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Carl Hibbs

Location : Haute Normandie - visitors welcome

PostSubject: Re: CFBrie Live Diesel   Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:03 pm

Impressive mock up and planning,

I think personally the rectifier is too big but after the weekend at Railexpo the fan is a good idea.
Why do you have to remove the pull starter. Why can't you use both electric and hand?
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Location : Brie

PostSubject: Re: CFBrie Live Diesel   Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:01 pm

Everything was on hold, but today, I tried to see, what some radiators might looks like on it.

It's salvage radiator from electronics stuff, I manage to recover last year. Salvage some part and recycle the left over.

If it get too warm inside I have a another solution, it's passive no need to provide power, but a bit big, or i need to rethink that part of the engine.

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Location : Aquitaine (France)

PostSubject: Re: CFBrie Live Diesel   Sun Jan 05, 2014 6:24 pm

félicitations !!!
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Location : Brie

PostSubject: Re: CFBrie Live Diesel   Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:03 pm

Some other parts arrive today.

Recently ,I found that those module were now at a very low price.
So i decided to buy it, so I could try it, when I am going to start some test run with the engine and the generator.

It's a voltmeter and an amp meter.
They are very small module.

Just done a test with the voltmeter and a 9v battery. Looks perfect.

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Location : Brie

PostSubject: Re: CFBrie Live Diesel   Thu Jun 25, 2015 8:22 pm

Still working on some part of the project. 

I wish to test a small arduino and then use it onboard for several task.
The first task will be to monitor the heat and run a fan accordingly.

So I have an arduino and today I recieved the probe sensor. Now I need to do some test...

The sensor is a bit big, it's 6mm x 50mm made of stainless stell housing.
I have to find a way to put it near the engine.

And I had a bargain for the main switch, red. I wanted a yellow one, but I couldn't find it for a nice price.

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Location : Lyon, France

PostSubject: Re: CFBrie Live Diesel   Sat Jun 27, 2015 3:44 pm

Nice project. Will it be a scale model from a definite loc or a freelance model? What will be the body made of?
As I am trying to build a live diesel too, I am very interested in your project. The ideal thermic motor would have been the one used by our friend from New-Zealand i.e. a 4 stroke motor, but with pullstart (or electic start). Unfortunately, there were very few built and they are selling very high.
For my first project afterhaving planned an electric start with the small brushless thatdid not work out, I changed to a 2S pullstart; somewhat frustated, I did not restarted the project yet.
For my second project, I chose a 4s motor, planning to use the generator as a startup motor. First oriented on a brushless, I wonder if I will not turn back to an old brushed DC (no need of an ESC as a motor and no need of a diode AC/DC converter, though the later is quite simple) though it is much bigger for the same power. But I have plenty of room in the huge model I have chosen to build (The first trial gave me troubles by being too small and the later one may give me some by beinng too big in the curves! I think yours is quite at the right equilibrium.
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Location : Brie

PostSubject: Re: CFBrie Live Diesel   Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:17 pm

It will be freelance, inspired by some south african narrow gauge locomotive (nearly metric).
So I hope the shape will be good. 

I choose a racing car engine for the better heat design.

For the material, I am still wondering if I will use brass or aluminium.
The problem with aluminium is the  welding. You really need to know how to do it, need practice and some equipment. 
I added some video about it at the end.
I do not wish to use brasing on small pieces the result is not great.

The brushless are good for me and I found the bridge rectifier on ebay. A bit large, but I was interrested by the large radiator, for the design of the diesel

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Location : Lyon, France

PostSubject: Re: CFBrie Live Diesel   Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:47 pm

I tried aluminium soft soldering. It is OK for chassis, but not for body as surface is not smooth, unlessfor a professional welder. Brass or plastic is easer.

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Location : Lyon, France

PostSubject: Re: CFBrie Live Diesel   Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:48 pm

For my present project, I will probably stick to aluminium for the lower part of the body that I can screw on the chassis fairly easily, but for the upper part and the cabins, I am not decided yet. The main advantage of PMMA is that it can easily and cleanly be cut on a laser cutter. On the other and it is not at all shock proof. Acetate would be very good but it is difficult to find in 2 or 3 mm thickness. I never worked brass, but it may also be a solution for the main part of the body.

I agree that a car motor is better designed for venting. A common four strokes will need a cooling fan.

For your freelance design you can also look to the man Alsthom loks sent all over the world. There is a nice BB, sister of my BB BB, built for CFCO, but also so more difficult to build BBB built for equatorian railways.
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PostSubject: Re: CFBrie Live Diesel   

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CFBrie Live Diesel
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