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 At last - the videos of our summer!

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Location : Vienne, France and Islington. London

PostSubject: At last - the videos of our summer!   Sun Sep 13, 2009 10:11 pm

I have finally managed to deal with all the summerís video: Iím posting it one place because itís just easier; not speeded up by the fact that my JVC Everio camera records files in a unique format, .MOD, which means putting them through both Adobe Elements and Windows Media Editor and preserving the 16:9 ratio twice. So letís hope it works. Also slightly delayed by looking at everything I have about the Ile de Re (see other postings!) For those who were not there, I hope this gives some of the flavour of what the West Coast Chapter and friends got up to and gives an insight into three railways. Iím not Spielberg (my son would like to be) so these are unedited clips.

I posted a couple from Geoffís before I went on holiday, but to continue: This is Brianís Lawley at Geoffís:

I didnít manage at first to combine clips so there are two of Carlís Regner at Geoffís, the first very short:

- Featuring Pierre and the unique narrow gauge aircraft carrier (!)

Geoffís Big Boy pulled an unfeasibly large number of coal hoppers:

Geoff streamed up his work train Ė not sure about the loco (which is to say Iím sure I like it, but Iím not sure what it is) not being into US myself, but the train is a great idea wonderfully executed:

(This is the one video that didnít upload to You Tube Ė back to the drawing board and Iíll try tomorrow)

And to show just how impressive US outline is, hereís Geoffís Santa Fe streamliner:

Moving on to Brianís, we saw that one Stainz could do as well as a Big Boy, and my draisine whizzed around the other loop:

Brianís Mallet pulled an impressive passenger train (what country did those coaches come from? Ė but this isnít the other channel) and the Stainz took on Laurentís track repair train:

Finally, at my place, Van got his Lyn going:

But discovered that reverse curves on slopes donít mix with live steam even when itís as lovely as Lyn Ė at least it helped his thoughts on layout planning:

And very finally, after theyíd all gone I finished building my log carrier from two LGB flat wagons and showed that it had no fear of my very poor track-laying skills; also a last look at the current railway before intensive civil engineering begins (next yearís visitors will find eased curves and shallower inclines Ė I hope!)

That was the summer that was Ė we all had a terrific time, great to meet people and not just avatars and the weather in western France was splendid. But thatís why we love it.

Thanks to everyone who looked after me (and Dorothy) A la prochaine!

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Location : Vienne, France and Islington. London

PostSubject: Re: At last - the videos of our summer!   Sun Sep 13, 2009 10:41 pm

The video of Geoff's work train has finally uploaded: enjoy!
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Location : Charente, France

PostSubject: Re: At last - the videos of our summer!   Mon Sep 14, 2009 6:13 am

Great vieo's Phil, a very nice set of memories from some great social events!

A big thank you to all who hosted and attended the various gatherings!

Caro and I looking forward to next summer!

also blogging at
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PostSubject: Re: At last - the videos of our summer!   

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At last - the videos of our summer!
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