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 Sandpaper sound on Stainz

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Location : Bomaderry, New South Wales, Australia

PostSubject: Sandpaper sound on Stainz   Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:28 am

Hello all,
Can anyone tell me what voltage is needed to start the "sandpaper"sound on the Stainz?
Also can anyone tell me what voltage will the sound stop?
I am running on 10 aa NiMh rechargable batteries, sound will run on full charge - about 14 volts, but sound goes to a electrical high pitch screech as the voltage reduces.

Any ideas?

Cheers from Andrew

Sandbar & Mudcrab Railway
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Location : Deep in the Heart of Texas (Houston)

PostSubject: Re: Sandpaper sound on Stainz   Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:26 am

There isn't by any chance a secondary battery needed for the sound unit? The analog boards in the sound freight cars use a 9v battery to keep the sound going when the track voltage is too low (below 9v, I guess). The sound gets pretty funky at low speed without the battery.

In my steam-sound-power-car I tried to eliminate the 9v battery by connecting to my NiMH pack but the sound board was not at all happy with that arrangement. It sounded a bit like what you described.

My Stainzes run pretty fast at 14v - too fast for 'reality', so I'd hope the sound unit would work at lower voltages.

Bill Wray

"It is one of the happiest characteristics
of this glorious country that official utterances are invariably
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-Sir Joseph Porter, First Lord of the Admiralty (HMS Pinafore)
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Location : Bomaderry, New South Wales, Australia

PostSubject: Re: Sandpaper sound on Stainz   Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:40 am

I simply hooked up the batteries after disconnecting the track power. I thought that the basic sound would still work as before.
Even on the track power the Stainz needed a bit of speed to get the sound working, but then I could slow the loco down & keep the sound going.
I have fitted out the Stainz with the Hobbyking system which controls the speed & direction.
Every thing works great except for the sound problem. May be time for another "mylocosound" unti.
Or even spend some money on the new Revolution reciever with the sound included in the unit!
Depends on price!
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PostSubject: Re: Sandpaper sound on Stainz   

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Sandpaper sound on Stainz
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